Signage & Vinyl Graphics

Signage & Hoardings

Spot On Displays specialise in producing site signs and compound hoardings for house builders and property development companies. We are able to offer expert advice, site visits, design & artwork, full in-house production and fitting. Our experienced team of fitters are well known for their friendly efficiency as well as complying with “on-site” Health & Safety regulations.

Please ask for advice on the best materials to use for your job as it will be determined by location, longevity required, & budget available.
As with many things, the cheapest option is not always the best value for money.

Digital Anoprinted Signs

The image is locked inside the hard anodised coating and cannot be removed, peeled, picked at or scratched. These signs have even been tested to see how they stand up to fire, solvents, paint stripper as well as being used on the floor with excellent results.A specialist coating ensures that colours remain true for many years, digital Anoprinting is an ideal solution for internal and external signage and information panels.For a full explanation of how the process works you can download our anoprinting guide for sign designers and sellers.

Ouston School SignEnlarge image
Crudas Park HoardingsEnlarge image